We create
a space that is a physical representation of the spirit and values of our company.

We are committed
to the local area for shared growth that generates values that last over time

We promote
the sustainable environmental development of communities and people

We cultivate
scientific research. We stimulate innovation. We support training.

We offer
people a house where they can learn good business culture.

We believe
in a place in which the future is created by looking at the past and enriching the present.


A multidisciplinary space of 1,000m2 dedicated to training, research, open innovation and business culture with the aim of providing a stimulus for growth of the local area and its community.

A physical space subdivided into specialised areas for people to use and enjoy. One room for scientific research in collaboration with universities, laboratories and study centres. Another designed for courses and lessons with the most up-to-date topics. An open space for sharing and networking for organisations and institutions, not to mention companies active in every industrial sector.

A place for cultural exchange, training and growth, the Campus lies at the heart of a network of connections between companies, young people, and political and socio-cultural institutions, with the intention of being a catalyst of innovative and competitive stimuli that originate from the local area.

The Campus represents Simonelli Group’s concrete response and its proposal faced with global challenges. This is one of the tools that it intends to increasingly use as an empowering business. A business that is convincing and inclusive that believes in the involvement of its own people, of communities and markets as they constitute an element of strength for building effective solutions to the problems of complexity and uncertainty.


Research and Innovation Area

Inside the Campus, an area for scientific research applied to coffee (processing, transformation, chemical-physical properties) constitutes the heart of the RICH project: the Research and Innovation Coffee Hub is the centre created in 2016 in collaboration with Camerino University to carry out studies and research on coffee and which acts as a point of aggregation to offer support for the whole supply chain for the purposes of study. The centre was founded with a marked international vocation and it set itself the goal of becoming a reference point of excellence for coffee knowledge and know-how.

Training Area

Fully equipped rooms to house all courses on coffee machine methods and technology and the comparison between different types of extraction technology.

Training Area

Fully equipped rooms to house all courses on coffee machine methods and technology and the comparison between different types of extraction technology.


 Area networking and Business Culture

An area for practical experience, for meeting and exchanges, where transversal ideas and innovative business strategies can emerge and take shape, where doing business and creating culture can come together and constantly evolve. By working with universities, schools and specialised bodies, the Campus will also become a place for training opportunities for local companies, driven to maximise the potential of their human capital. This occurs within and in line with Simonelli Group’s strong commitment to the themes of environmental and social sustainability. 






“The new role of the company in the territory: how to build a successful, sustainable, innovative company”





“Beyond the objective. The winning mindset”


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