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A system consisting of connected machines and digital services
designed to support partners, managers, roasters and technical service.

The system is composed of two platforms: TECX (Telemetry Coffee Experience) and D.O.Se (Digital Online Services), easy to use and interconnected. They can support partners and customers in their activities and they offer added value to Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli products.

TECX: the telemetry service by Simonelli Group

TECX (Telemetry Coffee Experience) is a data intelligence platform that can generate added value data for real-time monitoring of key performance parameters, for reinforcing all point of sale activity and for ensuring the reliability of the machines.

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Specially designed for:
› Manager
› Store Manager
› Technical service staff
The platform makes it possible to visualise how the equipment is working, providing data and statistics useful to evaluate the performance of every single store, to manage peak times and therefore also staff shifts, to organise the warehouse and thus also orders and to optimise investments in staff training in relation to the dispensing graphs during the working day.

For more information and activation of the service, send an email to:

DOSe: the digital platform for support and sharing with customers and partners

DOSe (Digital Online Services) is the digital platform for support and sharing information that is reserved for customers and partners. The aim is to connect markets and customers through the setting up of advanced services that reinforce communication to improve performance, reduce times and to overcome geographical borders with the help of digital innovation.

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D.O.Se. is a platform that includes the following services:

Original Spare Parts: It is a dedicated platform for all our technical partners to verify product availability and purchase the part directly on the website. It is an actual online store for original Victoria Arduino spare parts and Nuova Simonelli spare parts where the users can select the coffee machines’ designs and make the necessary orders reducing waiting queues

E – learning: the e-learning courses are dedicated to technicians and offer basic training on the brands’ coffee machines. Each class provides hydraulic and electrical data of the device along with a dedicated section for troubleshooting. To conclude the course and achieve the certification of attendance, the trainee will take a final exam.

Digital Archive: Simonelli Group’s partners will have access to a comprehensive digital archive concerning their respective roles. The digital library is divided into technical, marketing, and commercial areas and is an effortless way to search and instantly have available useful material for the business.

Warranty & Claims: it is an exclusive service for Simonelli Group clients on the DOSE platform. The user must register all the products during the installation phase to utilize the warranty service.

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