We grow by helping others to grow, by respecting people and the environment
and by generating long-term sustainable shared value with our stakeholders

Touches every aspect of what we do, from the design of our factory to the performance of our machines, Supported by research to ensure we create a better tomorrow. The company’s approach engages the whole coffee industry, transforming it into concrete actions that aim to guarantee environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Firstly, auto-sufficient energy. The headquarters based in Belforte del Chienti is equipped with a solar panel system. The whole building was studied to make the most of the sun’s energy during the entire day.

Secondly, we have consumption optimization. Simonelli Group’s machines are built to be more energy-efficient, have a longer life cycle, and diminish CO2 emissions. Thus will reduce costs, make less waste, and increase environmental benefits. In the new generation models, there is a higher amount of recyclable material used and is studied to be even more silent.

Lastly, the company decided to remain with its roots planted in the region where it all began and even with its constant growth, continues to collaborate with schools, universities, and local associations.

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