Simonelli Group is the result of a long journey started in the heart of the Marche region and carried on by the same passionate and committed people that today bear the name of the company.


Where everything started


In a still rural society, an ingenious and creative man laid the foundation of a small but soon-to-be grand project. In his home-made laboratory in a tiny town in the Marche region, Orlando Simonelli created his first coffee machine. He named it 1936 and like any great artisan, he took care of the commercialization and selling of the product.


Stronger than ever


Facing the uncertain post-war times, Orlando Simonelli is nevertheless able to focus on his goals and slowly transforms the start-up into a grand company. In 1948 he decided to transfer his business to Tolentino and hires some workers. Thanks to the continuous growth of the company, a new establishment was built in 1960.


The heart beyond the obstacle


After a long illness, on May 9th, 1971, Orlando Simonelli says goodbye to his beloved. The following year, his workers decide to take the reign of Nuova Simonelli S.p.A, so Nando Ottavi, Graziano Boldrini, Giovanni Feliziani, and Carlo Gesuelli, intrepidly buy the company. After two years, also Sandro Feliziani becomes part of the company.


Nuova Simonelli, new headquarters


To keep the company going, they needed to make prudent and united decisions. Keeping this in mind and looking at the future, the new associates decide to transfer their business into a new establishment where they could have adequate growth space. In 1976 the company moved to Belforte del Chienti.


Discovering America


The efforts begin to show with the production expanding massively between the ‘80s and ‘90s. The new advanced technologies, the internationalization of the product and the exports in the United States, lay the foundations of a new operative USA branch based in Ferndale, Washington.


Welcome to the family


Nuova Simonelli becomes a multi-brand and affirms its position in the “luxury sector” with the acquisition of the prestigious brand, Victoria Arduino, a synonym of Italian quality since 1905.


Conquering the East


Simonelli Group, to increase the presence in the vast Asian market, opens a new branch office in Singapore with the commercial offices, showroom, and training center that every day, welcomes distributors, clients and technicians for sales enquires and professional formation.


Simonelli Group is born


To celebrate 80 years of business, the company decides to change its name to Simonelli Group. They made this choice following the organizational evolution of the company trying to portray the story of a group of people that during decades grew but never lost their creative and igneous approach of that small laboratory where everything began.


Ad maiora


The company evolution transforms into new milestones with the opening of different Experience Labs worldwide: immersive showrooms where one can live the experience of both brands of the Group through events and training sessions, similar to the company headquarters situated in Belforte Del Chienti. In 2018 the new branch office in Lion, France, was inaugurated.



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