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It is time for coffee education to evolve, to move to digital, and to broaden access to all aspiring coffee professionals. The Coffee Knowledge Hub is an all-new platform where the coffee community can learn, connect and discover the latest education, research and trends in the coffee industry.

The Simonelli Group is launching an all-new education platform for the coffee industry in collaboration with expert trainers globally. The courses from industry leading providers will be delivered online and through a network of training centres across the world.

The Coffee Knowledge Hub already has over 30 courses from industry leaders, course providers, and coffee schools.  By the end of 2021, the Hub will look to expand to 60 newly digitized courses reaching over 1000 learners.

The Coffee Knowledge Hub (CKH) is an open platform for those providing high quality education and resources. It invites the global coffee community into a learning experience — access to the best courses worldwide, the opportunity to connect, to discover the latest trends, research and people shaping our industry. 

As the site launches you can find courses from the Coffee Sensorium, the SCA, Caffeina consulting, and the CKH. You can find out more by visiting

Driving the movement, the Simonelli Group

The Simonelli Group’s Academy was a pioneer in training for the last two decades. The Group has offered the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI)’s Q programme, SCA coffee diplomas, and Coffee Chemistry alongside bespoke technical training courses.

“The Coffee Knowledge Hub brings together industry leading courses in a new digital format, and so offers the global coffee community the opportunity to change, grow and evolve their skills- embracing new trends and technologies. The Hub is founded on a belief in growth mindset as well as the value of connection, of sharing insights, experience and practice. The platform is uniquely informed by the experiences and experimentation of the Simonelli Group in supporting the learning of coffee professionals over the past 20 years.” says Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of the Simonelli Group

Looking for partners to scale the movement

There are some big announcements coming soon about new training partners. It is an opportunity for training schools to broaden the exposure of their courses and engage in new conversations about the future of coffee on the CKH platform.

“We are working with a network of industry leaders including renowned researchers, training schools and trainers to give coffee professionals new opportunities to developing their coffee careers, in an ongoing pursuit of greater quality in the coffee industry. The CKH platform will have a specific focus on sustainability across the coffee value chain which is more important now than ever.” says Andrew Tolley, an industry expert who co-created the new platform with the team at the Simonelli Group.

The Coffee Knowledge Hub podcast is launching soon with a series that explores the Coffee Menu, covering everything from the carbon footprint of the coffee menu to new product development and pricing. It will be accompanied by an expanding set of articles and other media.


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