First appointment at the Simonelli Group Campus: Engaging Talks welcomes Marina Salamon

The 3 February saw the start of the series of appointments on economic, cultural and social themes using the Engaging Talks format – launched by Simonelli Group in cooperation with Roi Group – and which will host a series of training and informative events at the Campus in Belforte del Chienti featuring leading personalities from various business sectors.


The first meeting welcomed Marina Salamon, with a presentation entitled: “The new role of companies in the local area: how to build a business that is successful, sustainable and innovative”. 


Marina Salamon is a serial businesswoman and philanthropist: she has been the president of Doxa (the leading Italian market research company), owner and sole director of Alchimia, founder of Web Of Life (including the main charitable projects that she supports) and international board member of the WWF.


On the Campus stage, Ms. Salamon raised some of the most topical issues for entrepreneurs and companies who, particularly in the current economic and social climate, need creative and innovative responses to new challenges.

Faced with new conditions, old-style leadership is no longer working. New entrepreneurs and managers must renew themselves with humility, curiosity and flexibility, in the knowledge that a company can only really find lasting prosperity if it is able to recognise merit, give value to talent and constantly offer opportunities for growth. And this applies not only internally, with regard to employees, but also externally, with regard to the local area and the community within which the company works and to whom it is called upon to return value.


In almost two hours of debate, Ms. Salamon conducted an open and informal discussion with the audience (about 80 people, including businesspeople, representatives of cultural associations and self-employed people), adopting her characteristic empathic and enthusiastic style, sharing her own experience as an entrepreneur that has always shown competitiveness, innovation and profit with due regard for the local area, for people and inclusion. Ms. Salamon often emphasised the value of doing business, the bond with the local area, responsibility towards the people who work there and the opportunities to build, thus avoiding the tendency for people to move abroad to work. This is applicable in general, but even more so in Marche, where there are so many success stories of companies that “should respect themselves, believe in themselves and communicate more and better”.


Before the meeting with the public, on the morning of 3 February, Simonelli Group held a private meeting with its managers and Ms. Salamon, where the participants exchanged experiences and discussed corporate training to bolster internal management skills and to guide the key leadership figures in the company.

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