Simonelli awarded the ideas of those employees that proposed the best solutions to improve processes and products.

Friday, February 12th, Simonelli Group held the “Sharing for mutual growth,” which acknowledges those employees that present solutions and ideas to improve the working process. This year, the pandemic restrictions did not allow the company to organize the usual prize ceremony, so the company arranged a modest internal event, respecting all the safety protocols, and the three employees Giacomo Busetti, Emanuele Rossi, and Alessandro Gentili, were awarded.

In 2020 the quality commission examined eighty improvement propositions suggested directly by the employees, and 12% of the total submissions have been applied. Giacomo Busetti, Alessandro Gentili, and Emanuele Rossi are the three young professionals that the quality commission prized for the innovative ideas they presented. These novel concepts add significant value to the working processes and assist the actual coffee machine maintenance operators.

Giacomo Busetti, 32 years old with seven years of experience in the company, takes care of moving the finished products from the production hub to the new logistics center. His idea won the first prize and consisted of a unique solution to guarantee additional safety and protection of the coffee machines during transportation.

With his 25 years, Alessandro Gentili is the youngest of the prize winners. He has been working in Simonelli Group for about six years in production line 1 and takes care of the electrical system assemblage. While working on the Eagle One‘s electrical system by Victoria Arduino, he thought about a safer and faster way to pass the machine’s electrical cables, useful to speed up the assemblage phase and improve the components working lifetime.

Emanuele Rossi has more than ten years of experience in Simonelli Group. He has the task to assemble machines of the heritage collection by Victoria Arduino, particularly the Athena Leva and Venus Bar. He proposed a solution to simplify the technical operation during routine maintenance activities.

Innovation is many small ideas that add tangible extra value to a product or service. The program “Sharing for mutual growth” concretely represents how the value for innovation is applied daily in the company and at any level.

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