Simonelli Group at Dubai Expo to lecture about “Technology and Innovation in the coffee chain”

Simonelli Group at Dubai Expo to lecture about “Technology and Innovation in the coffee chain”

“Technology and Innovation in the coffee chain” is the event’s subject where Simonelli Group took part in the Italian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo on February 21st. The event is part of the “Marche/Land of Excellence” program, a weekly long full-immersion of meetings and networking dedicated to innovation promoted by the Marche Region. An extensive calendar of panels to present 19 projects involving many regional enterprises such as Ariston and Fileni, in collaboration with Universities, promoting the territory’s know-how.

Yesterday Simonelli Group presented, along with the University of Camerino, their experience and contribution in terms of innovation and technology in the coffee industry’s supply chain (see the presentation here  Technology and Innovation in the Coffee chain – YouTube ). “The Company’s capacity to innovate, and which has been recently awarded the Industrial Excellence Award 2021 for Italy and finalist in Europe – declares Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group – derives from a keen organization able to innovate in a sustainable way regarding the products, platforms, and familiarity“.

“What drives the Company’s research and development – continues Ceccarani – are essentially three aspects: improvement of the machines extraction qualities through the extensive use of emerging technologies, the reduction of energy consumption which represents more than 90% of the environmental impact of all the coffee machines, and the improvement of user experience by simplifying the usability of the machines, making them more ergonomic with a great design.”

To reach these goals, Simonelli Group created an extensive network with Universities, research centers, suppliers, and local institutions. The Company carried out many research projects thanks to the funds emanated from the Marche Region. These studies allowed us to put on the market the best solutions for innovative espresso extraction tools able to reduce environmental impact.

The goal of sustainability is also achieved through the development of the territory. “In collaboration with the University of Camerino – continues Ceccarani – we set up the Research and Innovation Hub, a scientific research hub that involves five different Ph.D. students with the primary goal to increase coffee knowledge and set the grounds to develop new technologies.”

Another objective of the Research and development team of Simonelli Group is to introduce digital technologies that make “smart” coffee machines and allow dialogue with the surrounding system. “Today, more than ever, we must propose to the market a complete plan, made of connected machines and digital services that can help baristas, technicians, and business owners to monitor and improve performances and also rapidly diagnose shortcomings. We started with offering stand-alone machines on the market, and now we provide a complete system composed of connected machines and digital platforms. Data Management (telemetry and predictive management through IoT sensors equipped with our machines), control of the entire coffee machine fleet, technical and coffee knowledge courses, and spare parts management are only some of the digital services that today are available through two platforms: DOSE, Digital Online Services, and Coffee Knowledge Hub.

About Simonelli Group:

Simonelli Group is a leading company founded in 1936, operating in the coffee industry producing professional espresso coffee machines and grinders through two brands: Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino.

The Company, with HQ in the Marche region, has a global business collaborating with major international chains and roasters, with the support of an extensive network of distributors and service centers in 125 countries worldwide. The Company has a revenue of more than 100 million Euros and exports more than 95% of its products, a sensational percentage for an SME of about 150 employees. The revenue growth (from 19 million in 2009 to 115 million euros in 2021), profitability, and client loyalty were prominent even during the COVID pandemic.

Innovation, sustainability, and education are fundamental pillars of the Simonelli Group strategy. These pillars are demonstrated during different initiatives launched and thoroughly grasped during the COVID pandemic. Simonelli Group has, in fact, responsibly engaged in supplying a better coffee experience, investing to constantly improve technical and environmental performances of the machines, offering comprehensive educational coffee courses, and sharing in-house knowledge with the entire coffee community.

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