Simonelli Group. Open Innovation Call for new, improved and more sustainable components of a coffee machine

Simonelli Group participates in the Open Innovation Call, which aims to incite the collaboration between existing companies and start-ups to satisfy new business needs.

Suppose you are a start-up or an innovative company. In that case, you can apply to the Open Innovation Call (valid until October 8th) and have the opportunity to present your idea. The idea must satisfy one or more innovation needs previously determined by Simonelli Group, representing the company’s continuous research towards solutions superiorly sustainable and capable of reducing energy consumption. Such business needs include:

  • High-performance insulation and application flexibility
  • Surface and covering treatments plus new generation nanotechnologies
  • Energy accumulation systems (batteries) to integrate into the coffee machine to reduce energy peaks

To apply, please follow the below:

  1. Consult the business needs of the participating companies
  2. Verify which business needs your company may satisfy
  3. Send an email to by October 8th, 2020, with the object “Open Innovation Call – the company name.” Please indicate in the email which business need you hope to apply for, propose the solution, product, or service, why you believe it will satisfy the requirement, the link to your website, and any additional references.

The project Open Innovation Call, promoted by the Regione Marche and the Camera di Commercio Delle Marche, in collaboration with SMAU, will see the participation of many leading companies in their sectors, such as Angelini, Elica, and Faber.

On November 12th in Ancona, on the event SMAU Marche, each company’s winning start-ups of each business need will be prized. They will get a chance to meet with the innovation team directly at the companies headquarters, respectively, to present their solution in person and start a possible collaboration. The winning start-up of Simonelli Group will visit the company, get acquainted with the management, tour the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, and the research and development department.

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