The First Ph.D. degree for the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation.

Simone Angeloni is the first Ph.D. alumnus of the University of Camerino that obtained the title after completing the whole education period within the Research center of Simonelli-Unicam (International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation). He conferred his thesis in English, majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences of the title “Espresso Coffee preparation: an analytic study to improve the quality of the product.” Because of the present health emergency, he arranged it in a videoconference, in front of a commission composed of Professors and other Italian Universities. His supervisor for the entire Ph.D. program, of the scientific sector of Chemical Pharmaceutics, was Prof. Sauro Vittori, Professor of the University of Camerino.

Simone Angeloni, a graduate in Pharmaceutics in 2016, won the admission to the Unicam Graduate School, underwritten and funded by the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation. Uniquely distinct, the Center operates as a support in the development of scientific and technological knowledge in the coffee industry, promoting the innovative pull this important and appreciated drink has worldwide. The primary researches made by Simone during his doctoral course were:

  • The development of analytic methods to quantify two classes of vegetable origin molecules that present similar activities to estrogens (in espresso coffee, found in roasted grains and green coffee);
  • The study of various types of espresso coffee extractions that can influence the extraction process or instead produce, using less grounded coffee, a high-quality drink while optimizing the raw materials and reducing waste (coffee grounds);
  • Identify all the aromas present, utilizing a coffee roasting byproduct called Silverskin, to propose its innovative reusable characteristics in the food industry. This study has also been done abroad with a six-month permanence in Germany, at the “Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology” of the Technical University of Munich.

Great satisfaction for the results obtained by Simone Angeloni with his researches and for the attainment of his Ph.D. degree is expressed by Nando Ottavi, President of Simonelli Group and Flavio Corradini, director of the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation and chancellor of the Univesity of Camerino. In the Hub, there are currently five graduate students and researchers that are working in different specific areas of research, receiving recognition from both the scientific society and the coffee industry worldwide.

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