The Simonelli Group team stronger than the pandemic

2020 has been a year full of challenges and highlighted, even more, some aspects of Simonelli Groups DNA. The company faced last year the best way possible, even thanks to workforce committedness and teamwork, where all employees once again showed to be an essential and precious resource. For this reason, the first council of directors of 2021 bestowed a special award to the company’s production department—a symbol of the profound commitment to the business during this challenging pandemic situation.

“Thanks to the dedication of the production forces, declared Nando Ottavi, President of the Group, the company was able to guarantee production for all order requests of the vast international clientele. Even if there was a slightly diminished demand in the market, the company did not need to request government assistance.”

In 2020, the company continued to invest. The new logistic center, always situated in Belforte close to the HQ, is open and operative. With the new center, an excellent digitalization program for the production lines was installed. It guarantees significant flexibility and quickness for client response and improves employee performance quality.

Even if an innovative thought can be intuitive for many, it can also be cultivated and developed through constant activities such as goal sharing, educational projects, or diverse programs. The program “Sharing for mutual growth” has been active for 25 years in Simonelli Group, which acknowledges the employees who present solutions and ideas that improve the working process (read the story here). This year, the pandemic restrictions did not allow the company to organize the usual prize ceremony, so the company arranged a modest internal event, respecting all the safety protocols, and the three employees Giacomo Busetti, Emanuele Rossi, and Alessandro Gentili, were awarded.

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