VA Machinery at the London Coffee Festival

VA Machinery, the exclusive distributor for Victoria Arduino in the UK, will present all the brand novelties at Booth 17 from March 31st to April 3rd at the London Coffee Festival 2022.

The London Coffee Festival is an important event dedicated to the coffee community that offers exciting ideas and information every year, helping the industry grow and share coffee knowledge.

VA Machinery will show for the first time in the English market the long-awaited Black Eagle Maverick coffee machine and the new model of the new Mythos grinder. There is a great expectation of trying out the Pure Brew of the Maverick, the new filter coffee extracted at low pressure, creating an optimal syrupy drink with a round mouthfeel. This novel drink combines our Pure Brew Technology, an innovative extraction method applied on espresso and low-pressure extraction, and a portafilter equipped with our patented Victoria Arduino specially designed, conical basket with a double micro-thin filter. The Pure Brew coffee kicks off with an intense aroma that catches the essence of the coffee, while the cup profile highlights the distinct flavor notes and a full body.

At stand G17, anyone can get the chance to test hands-on the Eagle One, a machine currently used by Gail’s Bakery cafes where bread, sweets, and fresh cakes are served daily with great specialty coffee brewed by the Eagle One. On Saturday and Sunday, Gail’s will be at the Victoria Arduino stand to offer passing clients their specialty coffee extracted with the magnificent coffee machine.

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