Marco Feliziani appointed new CEO of Simonelli Group

After 14 years of working with Simonelli Group, the last six of which in the role of CEO, Fabio Ceccarani is leaving the company at the end of his second mandate.

The board of directors has appointed Marco Feliziani as the new CEO as of 18 April 2023.


As shown in the 2022 results, closed with a turnover of 121 M euros, Simonelli Group has a very solid financial base, it enjoys a strong market position and is prepared to take up new challenges for the future. Nando Ottavi, Chairman of Simonelli Group, stated: “Fabio Ceccarani is directly linked with the history of success of our company. Over the last 14 years he has had a decisive effect and I am extremely grateful for this and for his commitment. Today is the beginning of a new era for Simonelli Group. The company is now ready to entrust one of its shareholders, Marco Feliziani, with the role of CEO.” 

Marco Feliziani, 46, entered the company in 2015 as director of the Group’s American branch. Over the years, he has been Sales Director and Deputy Chairman, roles that he held until his new appointment as CEO.

“In these years. Fabio Ceccarani has represented a decisive support for the company. Under his guidance, Simonelli Group has accelerated its process of growth and digital renovation, it has increased its attention to the product and has reinforced its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. “But”, continued Feliziani, “I believe that Fabio made a special contribution to the managerial evolution of the company and to the introduction of a culture of ethics and responsibility, of caring about people. I want to thank him personally for the close, daily support and collaboration that he has given me over the course of these years. This has made the handover of responsibility more natural and, effectively, seamless.”

“I’m leaving a company that I’ve seen grow exponentially in the last few years”, stated Fabio Ceccarani, “not only from a financial and economic point of view but also from the perspective of the skills and competences of individual people and the way they work together cohesively. Only rarely have I seen companies where caring for people is such a strong value and where, really, individual stories are considered so much. I thank the shareholders for their trust and their continued support in these years and the whole of the Simonelli team, the real leading players of this success”.

Simonelli Group is now entering a new phase of continuity, renewed commitment towards economic growth and ever greater attention for the issues of environmental and social sustainability.

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