Tomorrow’s leaders in the coffee industry

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A new adventure for the Simonelli Youth Academy of 2019 started last week. The Simonelli scholarship takes 7 young leaders on an educational journey, directed by Lauro Fioretti, Simonelli’s product manager, and the world’s most accredited judge and coffee educator. The Youth Academy certifies these talented aspiring coffee professionals to professional level as baristas, and with foundation level for all of the SCA coffee diplomas. Courses are interspersed with acitvities from industry leaders.
Vittorio Agosti, Fabbri brand ambassador, lead a session on creating coffee based recipes.

Who are the young entrepreneurs of this year’s Youth Academy? There are seven winners of the scholarship. From the province of Salerno, we have Gilda Cuomo, owner of a micro roastery with an enormous thirst for knowledge. Then we have Gerardo Della Vecchia, whose love for travelling and reading, dreams of becoming a specialist in the coffee world. Emanuele Giambona has a different but also grand dream, competing in the world barista championship.

Next we have Sara Giovannetti. She has been involved in the coffee world all her life as her family owns a coffee shop. Her mission? Encourage high quality coffee. Larisa Londero is a young Argentinian film maker that recently moved to Italy and would like to deepen her coffee knowledge and project it through social media. Carlo Mogiatti is ready-to-travel. He is striving to deepen his involvement in the coffee industry and using the Youth Academy to expand his network. Luca Romito is a basketball lover and adores tasting coffee and experimenting with different types of extractions.

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