Simonelli Knowledge Hub. The educational platform dedicated to the ongoing development of coffee professionals around the world.

If you are hungry for knowledge and want to continuously improve your skills, the Simonelli Knowledge Hub is now online. The coffee knowledge platform by the Simonelli Group offers the full spectrum of coffee courses at different levels worldwide. Some of the best trainers in the coffee world will be delivering the courses.

It is now more important than ever for the  Simonelli Group to  be building relationships and interconnections between people for shared growth. This can be achieved through creative solutions, born from a comprehensive understanding  of the requirements of the diverse and dynamic coffee community.

The Knowledge Hub is under development and more features will be added in July.  Digital courses, Profile pages, course enrolment and more is under development. For now, you can see the range of courses on offer and your feedback on the kinds of courses you are interested in, and where you would like them to be held can be given via the form. Sign up to the newsletter to stay in touch. A world of knowledge awaits!

Simonelli Knowledge Hub goals: developing and supporting coffee professionals

“Our goal –is to make the Simonelli Knowledge Hub the premier global platform for professional coffee education and certification. Through helping people achieve technical skills, broadening their knowledge of coffee science and andinvesting in research, the Simonelli Group is enriching the global coffee community.” says Lauro Fioretti who is responsible for knowledge and education at the Simonelli Group.

When designing the Simonelli Knowledge Hub, we defined 3 pillars– Research, Coffee Science, and Technical Expertise- said Maurizio Giuli Executive for Corporate Strategy and Business Development at the Simonelli Group. Investing in research underpins the development of knowledge in coffee science and improves technology, creating a cycle of continuous improvement. This cycle feeds new knowledge into courses delivered through the Knowledge Hub, ensuring that the content is factual and always based on the latest research. With our long history of investing in research & development in technology, our courses are particularly advanced in this field.”


Access the best courses in coffee education.

“The Simonelli Knowledge Hub is dedicated to constant improvement, and making the coffee world, a better place – says  Andrew Tolley. It is curriculum agnostic, showcasing the best content and trainers across multiple coffee education and service providers, ensuring that the content and delivery is best in class for that field. These include the courses from CQI, the SCA, Coffee Chemistry, Coffee Mind, and Simonelli’s Hub for Coffee Science. Courses are delivered worldwide at Simonelli Branch offices in Italy, USA, France and Singapore and its network of Experience Labs in Australia, China, Indonesia, Spain and United Kingdom” Digital courses will be launching soon as well.

Andrew has joined the creation and coordination team of the Simonelli Knowledge Hub (SKH). He is an expert in coffee education with over 15 years experience in the industry that includes improving quality, learning and development programs, sales and operations in wholesale, retail and manufacturing within the coffee and tea sector.  He is a certifed Q grader, UK cup tasting champion 2015 and has sensory judged in both WBC and WBrC championships over many years.  As part of the SKH team he has brought all of his knowledge to this project.

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