Simonelli Group, finalist in the Best Performance Award 2021

A new important recognition goes to Simonelli Group, one of the five finalists of the Best Performance Award 2021. SDA Bocconi School of Management rewards the best Italian companies that stand out for their economic, technological, human resource, social, and environmental value excellence and sustainable outcome. In 2021 SDA Bocconi monitored 900,000 companies’ performances. The first phase of the analysis filtered out 600 businesses where the internal research team selected 15 finalists for three distinct categories (small, medium, and large dimension companies).

“Being one of the finalists of this award confirms once again the importance of being organized to innovate sustainably, focusing on the relationships harbored with all the stakeholders – declared Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group. “Simonelli Group’s experience in the coffee industry is based fundamentally on three pillars: the product, as innovative solution able to improve the clients’ experience in the cup in a sustainable way; the platforms, meaning the use of the machines and digital technologies used to stay connected and to improve service and coffee knowledge; and lastly, the involvement of partners during the innovative processes able to generate value added and open new insights.”

“This operational model and market approach – continues Ceccarani – allowed us to rapidly grow in the last ten years in turnover and EBITDA. In 2020, many companies suffered a contraction in our turnover, but as the pandemic was in full swing, we decided to increase our investments to accelerate our digital transformation. Last year data confirms the strength and resilience of our business model, registering the best results”.

The Best Performance Award is an initiative promoted by SDA Bocconi in partnership with J.P. Morgan Private Bank, PwC, EQT, Bureau Van Dijk, Havas PR. It rewards those Italian companies outstanding for the sustainable development of their activities and investments. After the publication on 14th February of the classification drafted by the Financial Times, this award gathers a greater relevance: besides being the best international business school in Italy, SDA Bocconi School of Management confirms the 5th position in Europe and 13th worldwide in this annual classification of the prestigious economic-financial journal concerning the best Masters in Business Administration.

The 2021 Best Performance Award winners of the different categories (small, medium, large, best overall, and best hot topic) were selected after a thorough analysis of 900,000 enterprises made to value every single performance. This type of research can give a clear entrepreneurial overview of our country, analyzing all the revenue and ESG characteristics and supplying an interesting comparison standard with previous years.


About Best Performance Award

The Best Performance Award is an SDA School of Management initiative that awards the best companies that stand out for their economic, technological, human resource, social, and environmental value and operate sustainably.

The Best Performance Award is an annual award dedicated to Italian businesses (with revenue between 25 million and 5 billion Euros) that distinguish themselves for their sustainable excellence as a whole. Their capacity to grow and flourish guarantees the necessary company continuity respecting all the essential factors: Social & Green, Innovation & Technology, and Value Added . In total, SDA Bocconi handed out five awards: 3 to the Small, Medium, and Large category companies, 1 to the best overall company, and 1 to the company denoted for the hot trend Upskilling and Talent Development.

The companies that received the Best Performance Award are TARGA TELEMATICS SPA, SIFI SP.A e I.CO.P. S.P.A. IREN S.P.A, DAVINES S.P.A, MUSIC & LIGHTS S.R.L., S.A.I.B. S.p.A., ZUCCHETTI S.P.A, VALAGRO S.P.A., SIT S.P.A., FLUID-O-TECH S.P.A., SAFIM S.P.A.



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