Simonelli Group is one of the top 50 most sustainable companies in Italy. The Sustainability Award for Italy has published, for its second year, the ranking of the top 100 Italian companies for sustainability and the top 50 companies which, over both years, obtained the most significant ESG rating improvement.

This recognition, promoted by Kon Group e Credit Suisse e Forbes media partner, seeks to pay homage to businesses that distinguish themselves for sustainability. Each of them is given an ESG rating, issued by ALTIS (Alta Scuola Impresa e Società) of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and by Reprisk.

The Sustainability Award is an important recognition for those Italian entrepreneurs who best expressed the Italian business capacity to innovate, renovate and activate the best energies in the country for such a noble cause and who have demonstrated to have moved forwards with growth that is sustainable, inclusive and stable, also creating added value for the community. The second year highlights the merits of all those who have made sustainable development into an integral part of their corporate DNA, by planning processes, systems and resources in such a way as to reduce their environmental and social impact.

“It was not easy to single out the excellent companies for Italian sustainability – states page 34 of the October 2022 edition Forbes, the award media partner.  “The criteria used by Altos to attribute the rating and the cross-check of the results through the Reprisk rating allowed the organisers to select the businesses that distinguished themselves the most and that are working for sustainable production. In this second year, to the extreme satisfaction of the promoters, the average ESG rating has grown by about 100% and all the businesses have improved their performance. The number of participating companies provided the organisers with a privileged vantage point over a brilliant and dynamic entrepreneurial system, for which sustainability is a must-have”.

“This year we also extended our photovoltaic system, with an increase in power of 65%. We also conducted some interesting circular economy research projects”– declared Fabio Ceccarani, Simonelli Group CEO. “We are therefore proceeding towards our goal of becoming totally green by 2025. We are reinforcing what has already been done – such as the photovoltaic system, the reduction in energy consumption and the reduction of the environmental impact of our products – and we have presented new possibilities and technologies to our reference market that allow our partners to grow and extend their business, whilst reducing energy consumption at the same time. Furthermore, we are soon to launch an important project that intends to reinforce business culture, networking and links with the local area. For us, being one of the 50 most sustainable companies in Italy is a point of pride and it confirms the path that our company has been pursuing with ever more challenging goals”.

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