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Based in Camden Town, the VA Machinery Experience Lab is a location that will lead Victoria Arduino even closer to the needs of coffee shops and the latest trends of a constantly evolving sector. Camden Town is a brilliantly vibrant and bustling area, but for the showroom VA Machinery wanted to create a calm and welcoming space behind closed doors.

The experience lab was founded by Simonelli Group together with VA Machinery, a company established in 2017 to bring Victoria Arduino espresso machines and grinders to the UK market. VA Machinery is the exclusive distributor for Victoria Arduino, and work with a growing network of distributors and engineers to offer sales, training and technical support.

Victoria Arduino

Meet our people


Peter Garcia

Managing Director

Camilla Morgan

Sales Manager

Marcin Novak

Technical Support Manager

Brittany Jones

Wholesale Partnerships
Megan Glockler Marketing Coordinator

Megan Glockler

Marketing Coordinator
Laura Redondo Galan Office Coordinator

Laura Redondo Galan

Office Coordinator

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