How Simonelli Group supports coffee chains

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The specialty coffee experience is a sensational adventure ennobled by excellent Arabica coffee but is essentially a different way of savoring some of our free time.

“Specialty” is not only coffee but is the entire living experience inside a coffee shop. Such experience surrounds itself with a series of elements that comprehend the environment, the drink offered, and the enjoyed moments’ companionship.

Under the current pandemic circumstances, society demands a more safe and secure place where people feel extra reassured. These spaces must be more extensive and are always more often designed by international architects and renowned interior designers.

The new concept of the recently inaugurated McCafè is an example: an utterly modern environment with grand spaces, thought for the community and their social activities (always respecting the required distance), without disregarding the high-quality coffee served.

We are honored that they chose our superb Victoria Arduino Black Eagle paired with our Mythos for this incredible project – said Fabio Ceccarani, Simonelli Group CEO. “Along with them, we would like to contribute to this experience, enriching it with the high-quality extraction, ergonomics, and sophisticated design of our coffee machinesTo define this, other than creating machines with a refined design but simple to use, we must facilitate the barista’s job, educate them, and support Global clients such as McDonald’s in every corner of the world with impeccable technical service.

From these considerations, our new digital platforms developed. iSACK and Simonelli Knowledge Hub will be soon at the disposal of all our clients and much more. “The goal – continues Ceccarani – is to connect markets and clients through two service areas: technical service and coffee culture. The technical area is called iSACK (Simonelli Advanced Coffee Knowledge). With the boost of artificial intelligence, this program can offer assistance, read and interpret data, and gather information about predictive maintenance, including the surrounding environment to study the habits of clients consumption”.

The Simonelli Knowledge Hub platform involves the coffee culture sector, where “Simonelli Group – explains Ceccarani – selects and hosts the best coffee trainers offering digital and on-spot courses in Experience labs worldwide proposing a wide range of classes from academic to practical on subjects such as the art of coffee preparation and machine use.”

Thanks to the effective collaboration with Simonelli Group partners and Experience labs (a place where one can live the experience of the brands Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino), the company could combine the innovation extent of its two digital platforms with analogical expertise, which is fundamental. Combining these two elements, the trainee can acquire new skills, socialize, and expand personal achievement. “We strongly believe in daily collaboration with our partners for shared growth and to offer a superior service to the clients, just like what transpired with the new McCafè: our partner DKSH hosted all the personnel of the new concept-store directly in the Shanghai Experience lab and held the relative educational sessions. Our company operates with a consolidated digital and analogical mindset and where the powerful collaboration between partners becomes an important pinpoint for the success of the client”.

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