Rethinking company processes to face future challenges.

During a year full of uncertainties, Simonelli Group finalized a significant infrastructural investment that guarantees the company a more flexible and responsive client service, thanks to a global digitalization on all fronts, from the production line to the logistic department to the warehouse.

It is an “ambitious and audacious project – explains Mauro Parrini, COO of Simonelli Group – that places the client on top of the value chain. The operation started two years ago intending to analyze a perfectly functioning productive process, an object of study case, and recreate and rethink it, establishing the client’s needs as a top priority.”

The project, which is currently undergoing the ultimate touches, integrates an entirely new ERP system and has already provided the first positive results thanks to the production and logistic departments’ digitalization transformation. “Even in the warehouse – continues Parrini – employees are equipped with tablets integrated with a new WMS system that guides and facilitates the picking phase of the necessary components for production or directly finished products. With this novel approach, spaces are optimized, and the probability of error is strongly reduced. During the next weeks, all our partners will be able to benefit from this innovative infrastructure.”

Just like that, Simonelli Group profoundly changes its way of operating to face future obstacles. “Two years ago, we dared to rethink and remodel a perfectly functioning system and officially prepare ourselves for future challenges. Today we are ready.” – underlines Parrini. “Simonelli Group strives for the better and never stops cultivating and applying value to innovation.”

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