The artwork by Paola Tassetti, winner of the “Pannaggi Award”

Once again, we are delighted to welcome the winner of the fifth Pannaggi /New Generation Award 2022, for which Simonelli Group is the main sponsor. This year’s recipient is Paola Tassetti, who has been recognised for her work “Conductus caecus” (mixed media on canvas 90 x 80cm) which is part of the series “Anatomie vegetali”, where the artist gives space to “a vision of the world that reconstructs the ancient powerful connection between microcosm and macrocosm, between man and nature, art and science”.

The canvas was presented to the Chairman Nando Ottavi and to the CEO Marco Feliziani, in the presence of Professor Paola Ballesi, and it will be added to the collection of winning works from past Awards that Simonelli Group displays at its head office in Belforte del Chienti.

Paola Tassetti, from Civitanova Marche, a graduate in architecture with a specialisation in Italian landscape, trained in Kyoto with Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates and in London at the Uncommon Creative Studio.

Her creative expression, consisting of diaries, drawings, site specific installations, surreal paintings and taxonomic collections, unites her interest for the landscape with her work on the human body whereby the body become a vehicle for experimentation and a context for the exchange between inner life and reality.

premio pannaggi
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