Welfare and quality of life. Simonelli Group supports the NeMO Center of Ancona.

Belforte del Chienti, March 3rd, 2022 – Simonelli Group sustains and supports the new hub in Ancona of the Clinical center NeMO (Neuro Muscular Onmicenter). This highly specialized structure responds explicitly to the necessities of those affected by neuromuscular illnesses, for example, SLA, SMA, and other muscular dystrophies. The clinic’s primary goal is to improve the lives of those affected by such diseases, providing them and their families with objective clinical and psychological support that globally responds to their needs.

“Research, achievement, and territory are some of the most precious assets in which Simonelli Group invests. The territory is where we must create and spread welfare and growth,” – declare Maurizio Giuli, Executive for Corporate Strategy in Simonelli Group. “It is also for this reason that we decided to support the Clinical Center NeMO that invests in research and collaborates with Universities to improve the quality of life of those people affected by these types of diseases.”

For Simonelli Group, supporting the NeMO center is a tangible way to help the Marche region‘s territory find innovative solutions for the welfare of the people.


In the picture from left: Maurizio Giuli (Executive for Corporate Strategy, Simonelli Group), Alberto Fontana (President ofCentro Clinico NEMo) e Manuela Feliziani (Sustainability Advisor, Simonelli Group).

The project’s innovative character is perfectly balanced with the incredible attention Simonelli Group delivers in research and technologies to improve the result of the cup of coffee and elevate the quality standards of coffee worldwide. We are particularly pleased to contribute to this critical project as it uniquely supplies concrete responses to the multiple needs of the patients, proposing an innovative, qualified, and individual therapeutical approach – specifies Manuela Feliziani, the Sustainability Advisor Simonelli Group. “We share the social value of this initiative, especially the meaning of Research, Integration, and most of all Listening, values that we transmit and adapt each day during the different activities carried out internally and externally in the Company.”

At NeMO, everything is about the person. A targeted, multidiscipline model that integrates multi-professional and interdisciplinary skills offers complete and continuous service through personalized, highly specialized rehabilitation programs. The centers’ network is active throughout Italy and takes care of the people affected by neuromuscular illnesses such as SLA, SMA, and other muscular dystrophies and is today a reference point for diagnosis, therapy, and assistance for these diseases.

Being sustainable means being courageous, but the awareness that the value will return and be distributed throughout the territory also means growth, welfare, and quality of life. For the Clinical Center NEMO, the network development in the region is fundamental to be close to the needs of those who experience these complex and invalidating diseases, guaranteeing access to innovative therapies.

“The culture of innovation, environmental concern, and sustainability is a part of our Company DNA already for many years,” – explains Nando Ottavi, President of Simonelli Group. “Our Company dedicates itself to the future, growth, and innovation; for this reason, Simonelli Group has been and will always support the welfare and growth of the territory in which it operates, and in which has sustained even during hard times where fleeing would have been the easy choice. Supporting associations that invest in innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of those suffering from these illnesses is surely a choice that contributes to creating an extra value to our territory”.

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